Small Talk

To some, small talk is a door opener to stimulating conversations and meaningful relationships, to others simply an elegant way to say nothing. Either way, small talk is not avoidable. It is a way of connecting with people – be it at a reception, before a business meeting, at a private dinner with new acquaintances or with the person you are stuck with in an elevator.

In this seminar you will learn how small talk can be your door opener to lots more interesting, meaningful conversations down the road.


  • Unleash your charisma
  • Which ice breakers are suitable for you personally?
  • Define what you are willing to talk about, what you can and should communicate and which are the topics to be avoided
  • How to deal with dull conversations
  • How to get from small talk to big business
  • Tips for good conversations
  • Recognizing different types of conversation partners
  • What to do with your hands / body talk
  • Moving on – how to end the conversation
  • Where small talk can take you